Bay State Textiles

The PTO has partnered with Bay State Textiles.

Please see below for a list of acceptable items for recycling:

Footwear: Shoes, Heels, Pumps, Sandals, Boots, Work Boots, Dress Boots,

Winter Boots, Sneakers, Cleats, Slipper & Flip Flops

Clothing: Tops, Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Dresses, Tank Tops, Blazers, Pants, Jeans, Sweatpants, Skirts, Shorts, Slacks, Undergarments,

Socks, T-Shirts, Slips, Pajama's & Coats

Accessories: Hats, Pocketbooks, Belts, Gloves, Duffle Bags, Ties, Scarfs, Totes & Bathrobes

Linens: Sheets, Blankets, Draperies, Aprons, Dish Towels, Table Linens, Comforters, Throw Rugs & Placemats

And the biggest one of all......


All of these items can be donated in any condition as long as it's clean and dry.

So let's start cleaning out those closets!!!

For more information, please check out their website, Bay State Textiles or email Lisa.

Thank you for your support!