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Read-a-thon Spring 2017

How does the Read-a-thon work?

Step 1:  Children Read books

Step 2:   They Log them Online

Kids keep track of everything they read during the fundraiser on their secure online reading profiles.  Students earn points to “purchase” items to dress their online AVATAR (Paper recording forms are available for those without technology)

Step 3:  Families Invite Sponsors

Parents reach out to family and friends through email and Facebook messages to sponsor their children in the fundraiser.

Step 4:  Our School keeps 85% of all donations

Sponsors can donate online or with cash or check.


We are offering a number of incentives throughout the course of the read-a-thon.

For every 5 days students log on they will earn 1 water balloon to throw at a principal.

For every 100 reading minutes logged students will receive a star on their owl on the Whoo's Reading wall of fame.

For reaching 500 reading minutes logged students will receive a J'Awesome Reader spirit stick.

The top reader in each class with a minimum of 500 minutes will be treated to an ice cream party.

The top earner in each class with a minimum of $50 in pledges will be invited to a special breakfast.

The class that reads the most in grades pre-K-2 and 3-5 will earn a catered lunch for their class

The class that earns the most (over $250.00) will earn an extra gym class.

If the school reaches the fundraising goal of $6,000 an administrator will get slimed.

If the school reaches it's reading goal of 500,000 minutes there will be a school wide PJ day.