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Agenda for 3.12.14 meeting

Meeting Agenda

Wednesday March 12,2014


Board Members:  Stephanie Clougherty, Tiffini Cornock, Jen Frohnapfel-Lyman, Kristin Moore, Julie Stone, Jen Santagate


       I.      Welcome

    II.      Update on Winter Fundraisers

a.       Heart Full of Thanks Coyote Fundraiser

 III.      Remaining Events

a.       Spring Scholastic Book Fair

                                                              i.      March 13th

b.      Coyote Spirit Wear

                                                              i.      Tote bags available at book fair and online

                                                            ii.      Bracelets available at the book fair

c.       Cristoline Fundraiser / Grandma’s Pies

                                                              i.      Pie Pick up is April 11th 

d.      2nd Annual Coyote Family Challenge

                                                              i.      Saturday April 12th

                                                            ii.      Sponsors and runners wanted

                                                          iii.      Volunteers needed

e.       Spring Pictures

                                                              i.      April 2nd

                                                            ii.      Volunteers needed

f.       Red Sox Raffle

                                                              i.      Drawing April 4th

g.      Discovery Dome

                                                              i.      Show dates are:  April 14th – 18th

                                                            ii.      CCC grant was approved

h.      Half Day Hat Day Friday April 18th

i.        Bus Driver Appreciation

                                                              i.      Week of April 28th

j.        Family Bingo

                                                              i.      Two remaining dates April 4th and June 6th   

k.      Electronics Recycling Day

                                                              i.      Saturday May 3rd 9-1

l.        Teacher Appreciation

                                                              i.      Week of May 5th

 IV.      Topics for Discussion

a.       New website

    V.      Parent-Teacher Suggestions / Other

 VI.      Next PTO Meeting and elections scheduled for Wednesday May 14, 2014 in GJC Café at 7:00 pm