***Box Tops For Education***


Our Summer homework contest ends September 22nd. Please make sure that you have turned in all your Box Tops to your classroom teacher by the 22nd. Please make sure your baggie has your name and your teacher's name clearly written on it. Our top 3 collectors will take home gift cards to Target!

The monthly contests will begin with the first collection on October 25th. Please make sure that you turn all your Box Tops to your classroom teacher in a ziplock baggie by this date. Winners will be announced in the monthly school newsletters.


Collecting box tops is an easy way to help our school earn money.

Here's how it works:

1. You collect box tops at home.
2. You turn them in to your classroom's box top collection box.
3. The PTO box tops coordinator collects them from each classroom.
4. The box tops are reviewed, put into bags of 50, and sent to Box Tops for Education.
5. E-boxtops are submitted online.
6. The BFE committee reviews (and recounts) the submission.
7. The PTO coordinator receives acknowledgement of the submission, and summary of money earned.

How you can help the PTO box tops coordinator:

1. Be sure that box tops have NOT expired!!!  Each box top contains an expiration date.  Be sure the date has not passed.  Not only will BFE not accept expired box tops - we can be disqualified from participating in the box tops program for submitting too many of them!!!

2. Place your box tops in a ziplock baggie (the preferred method).  Use a sharpie & write the number of box tops on the baggie :)

3. If you use the paper collection forms, please submit quantities of 10, 25, or 50 only!  Again, please be sure that your box tops have not expired!

If you have any questions or would like to help count Box Tops, please email kristin.moore@carverpto.org.  

For more information about the Box Tops for Education Program, please visit: