Coyote Convenience is Coming!

Coyote Convenience, (aka the school store) will be open to K-5 students during their lunches on: January 9th, 2020

To help the store run smoothly we are kindly asking parents to keep these few things in mind

and to please share them with their students.

  • Please send in money to be spent at Coyote Convenience in a Ziploc bag marked


  • Visit Coyote Convenience and make a shopping list.  A list will help the lines move quicker.

  • Ability to use any purchased items in the classroom is at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

  • Eating, not shopping should be the priority during lunch.

  • Please email info@carverpto.org with any questions.

Volunteers are needed for this fun event. Please sign up below
: .
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